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Tablet OS Vendors Pledge to Use MeeGo

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1 Tablet OS Vendors Pledge to Use MeeGo on Fri May 27, 2011 6:25 pm


Four small operating system vendors said Monday that they will integrate the latest version of the MeeGo common code base into their tablet operating systems.

Linpus, 4tiitoo AG, China Standard Software Company, and Red Flag Software will deliver the first MeeGo-based tablet operating systems that will feature a MeeGo-based user interface, Intel said at the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco. The code base is based on MeeGo 1.2, the latest version.

It's rather small potatoes for MeeGo, the OS that Nokia signed on to use in June 2010, then ditched in February to adopt Windows Phone 7. That left Intel as the chief proponent, although MeeGo is administered by the Linux Foundation. "Intel is disappointed with Nokia's decision," Renée J. James, senior vice president and general manager of Intel's Software and Services Group, said at the Mobile World Congress, "But life goes on. Our decision and resolve on MeeGo is only stronger."

Red Flag, however, is a Chinese vendor, and Intel can hope to crack the Chinese market with the Red Flag OS.

"The MeeGo software platform gives developers a faster and easy way to deliver intuitive and compelling user experiences," Intel said in a statement. "MeeGo provides a world of opportunities for device manufacturers and operating system vendors alike."

The problem, unfortunately, is that MeeGo isn't a viable contender, yet. PCMag.com's Sascha Segan named MeeGo on a netbook the worst product he saw at Mobile World Congress in February.

The Red Flag Midinux Tablet Edition is a MeeGo v1.2 compatible turn-key solution optimized for Intel Atom processors, Red Flag said in a statement, and a tablet based on the OS will be shown off at the Computex show in Taiwan at the end of the month. Red Flag will update its in-vehicle infotainment operating system to incorporate MeeGo 1.2.

4tiitoo will also base the next revision of its WeTab tablet OS on the upgraded code base. "The integration of MeeGo v1.2 constitutes another milestone in the development of the WeTab", Stephan Odörfer, chief technical officer of 4tiitoo AG, said in a statement. "With its open system architecture the WeTab offers not only an alternative to closed systems but also proves by its constant advancements the adaption to market developments and needs".

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